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I know y’all are probably sick of hearing about Alt Summit, but I wanted to share a few snapshots from the amazing decor from the Friday night mini-parties. Clearly, the Secret Garden was my favorite decorated room – are those huge paper flowers not the best thing ever? and the lion with the floral crown?! Seriously. P.S. Those two gorgeous ladies in green are my roomies, Erin + Jennifer.

These parties came at the end of a really high energy weekend + talk about sensory overload having 12 different themes to choose from in one evening! I’m so thankful for everything I got to experience at this conference + for all the fun we had. For the new connections I made with local + far-away friends. So I thought I’d share a few takeaways I had from the conference overall to take that spirit of inspiration, fun + collaboration home with me.

1. Surround yourself with people who inspire you + are excited about what you’re doing (+ vice versa).

2. Incorporate a little pretty into your day – whether with a new water bottle (I love mine + it makes fluid intake so much more exciting…ha) or a bright red lip or a scented candle.

3. Stay true to who you are. Some people won’t like it, but you’ll be amazed at how many love you for it.

4. Every night is a good night for a party (so don’t forget to live a little in the midst of all the hustle).

So there you have it, some good life reminders from Alt Summit. I’ve been incorporating them more + more into my life this year + I can see how much the little things lift my spirits. But today it doesn’t take much because it’s Friday! How are you going to live it up this weekend?