Remix Packing // 10 Items + 7 Days



flannel / chambray / tee / sweatshirt / cardigan / dress / jeans / velvet skinnies / leopard flats / Toms }

 One of the reasons I love closet remix challenges like the one I decided to do for November (30 items from my closet into 30 different outfits) is that it makes me a much more efficient packer. Knowing how to mix and match your closet to get multiple wears and uses out of everything really makes it easier to pack light. I try to avoid checking bags as much as I can, so packing light is definitely important. Husband and I ended up not traveling for Thanksgiving this year, but I decided to still do some pretend packing; I used the items from my 30×30 remix challenge to narrow it down to 10 items that I could throw in a bag and have a week’s worth of outfits ready to go! Whether I’m driving or flying, it’s still great to be able to fit everything in a weekend bag and head out the door.

So, what would I be packing if we were traveling this Thanksgiving? A key I’ve found to successful remixing is to have a good neutral palette as your foundation. I gravitate naturally to colors and patterns, but basics are a key to having a successfully remix-able suitcase (or wardrobe). Adding color + print through accessories is the way to go when you’re traveling light! So you’ll see above that I picked mostly neutrals (grey, black, jean) and then added some red and a patterned shoe! Super easy, and if I had wanted to, I probably could have stretched these 10 items into a few more outfits.

Thanks to having a few closet remixes under my belt, I really enjoy challenging myself to get the most out of what I wear + pack.

Let me know – would you like to see more traveling light/remix goodness on the blog?

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