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Happy Friday! I’m continuing to show love to Spain on the blog today with this, my favorite cocktail. It’s called tinto de verano, which I also lovingly refer to as “the lazy man’s sangria.”

The tinto de verano was one of my go-to orders at bars when I lived in Madrid. It’s the easiest recipe ever, consisting simply of one part red wine to one part citrusy soda. Now that I make it at home, I’ve switched from a more traditional lemon soda (like Squirt) to San Pellegrino’s Aranciata, which is orange-flavored. Maybe it’s sacrilege, but it’s such a tasty combo, I’m just going to roll with it.

Another reason I love tinto de verano is the fact that you can use simple table wine – no need for the fancy stuff here, although you do you! If I can use orange soda, you can certainly class it up with fancy wine.

This is the perfect drink for summertime (verano is the Spanish word for summer, in fact) + I can’t wait to mix it up more often as the weather warms up. So if you’re looking for something to sip this lovely Friday evening, join me in Spain with a tinto de verano – at least that is where I’ll be in my imagination!

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