Today’s Soundtrack // Parlami d’Amore

Today’s soundtrack is a song I discovered while traveling in Rome in 2007 – so it’s a throwback. In our hotel room, my sister and I had Italian MTV on pretty much constantly because that was the only station which didn’t particularly bother us if we didn’t understand the words. I came back to the song this weekend because I needed something upbeat to entertain me during 5 loads of post-travel laundry – and I’ll admit, I get my love-song-listening on during the 2nd week of February.

It’s called Parlami d’Amore, by Negramaro : it’s in Italian, so I actually have not much of an idea what the song is saying, except what I can gather from its similarities to Spanish and from the action in the music video. The title, at least, I can translate roughly for you: Talk to me about Love!

Got the music video off youtube, so I apologize for the quality, but I like the video well enough that I wanted to share. Hope you enjoy!

I’m not a crazy Valentine’s sap, but I’m definitely in the pro-celebrate-love camp, so the husband and I are celebrating Valentine’s this weekend – I’ll wish you all a belated love day, hoping that you spent it close to those that are dear to your heart! In fact, I think every day should be pro-celebrate-love day.

{Photos taken by me, video from youtube}