Wish You Were Here // 02

photo / journal / illustration & graphic by Annabelle Mintz }

It’s time for part two of our adventure around the world with Minted, chatting about travel journals. See the first installment.

Don’t you love the sweet dots on that journal up there? Totally reminded me of traditional aboriginal paintings, but with a modern touch. Perfect match for this week’s destination – Australia!

Australia was one of my favorite places to visit, and while I was there, I kept one of my absolute favorite travel journals of all time. My family lived down under for a time while I was in high school – and so although my travel journal was part of an assignment, I learned some valuable observation skills. For an art class, I had to keep notes on all kinds of design that I found around the country, whether that be fashion, architecture, print, or otherwise. My sketchbook was full of street style and gorgeous buildings by the end of the trip.

These things capture a country to me – the way it creates and lives and moves.  So much more than the “icons” that everyone knows and loves to snap a photo in front of.  I really feel like I learned Australia while I was there, for the time I was there, and continue to use some of the same guidelines for observation in my travel journals today.  Look where other people aren’t looking and you’ll make some pretty awesome discoveries!

When it comes to travel, Australia is where I learned to see.

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