A Postcard From Munich


So, I’m finally wading through all the photos from my trip to Europe in March. It was a whirlwind + two weeks is just not enough. This continent has held some of the most defining moments of my life + this trip was no different. Seriously, the place just tears me right open. I love that there are so many layers of history, so many people’s stories that have written themselves on these streets + in these squares – and each time I visit, I get to add my own.


MunichPostcard_Mintz6 MunichPostcard_Mintz8

The first stop we made was in Munich, and let me tell you. The cold + rainy weather of late March was not super cooperative with our travel plans. But when you have two days in Munich, you make do! We hit the ground running with a Rick Steve’s walking tour – and for anyone who’s headed to Europe, you know I am all about Rick Steves. His travel guides are the bomb.

MunichPostcard_Mintz2 MunichPostcard_Mintz4

Markets are one of the highlights for me about Europe, and I love that the municipality preserves this one right in the city center by keeping the rent low for the stand owners. It might be the jet lag talking, but I’m pretty sure vegetables taste better from places like this.

Hofbrauhaus_Mintz2 Hofbrauhaus_Mintz

The only beer garden we were able to visit (not for lack of effort) was the character-filled Haufbrauhaus. I had no idea that beer gardens didn’t open til April in Munich, I kinda thought it was a year-round thing in Germany but I was wrong! Fortunately we could count on this combo tourist-trap/local installation to be open year round. It was a great place to stop for lunch after a morning of walking + sightseeing.

MunichPostcard_Mintz1 MunichPostcard_Mintz7

Even though a few things didn’t work out like we expected in Munich, I’m still glad we were able to visit. I was reminded of one of the great truths of travel: not everything works out exactly the way you planned. Sometimes, beer gardens don’t open until the week after you’re there, you forget that everything is closed on Sundays, the bike rental place takes a super long lunch + the grey skies just will not leave you alone. But, in the end, you’re in Germany! Where the buildings are old + beautiful, the parks are plentiful + the beer is super, super tasty. And that is definitely worth all of the crazy that travel sometimes brings.

  • OleahMay 3, 2014 - 7:01 pm

    lovely pictures.

    xoxo, Oleah

  • Bespoke TravelerJune 12, 2014 - 6:58 pm

    European markets are the best places to take in the culture of a city! Glad to hear you made the best of your Munich visit. The architecture looks gorgeous.ReplyCancel