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Hello dear! I am still reeling over here from discovering that it’s July already (I typed June first – that’s how in shock I am). I had an amazing 4th of July with some of the sweetest friends + I hope you did too!

Feels like the last few months I have been learning a big lesson about work-life balance. I went through a really intense “workaholic” phase at the end of last year + beginning of this one where I just always had my nose in the computer + let a lot of other really important aspects of my life slide. So the last few months, the pendulum swung pretty intensely the other way: learning to live life again + spending loads of time with my family + friends. I’ve been so thankful for it all! There is no greater reward in life than loving + being loved on.



So of course, when the opportunity came for me to take off work a little early on a Friday afternoon for a brewery tour with my girl Erin, you better believe I jumped on that! A tour at New Belgium is one of those quintessentially “Colorado” things to do, and somehow I had lived here for almost six years before I made it happen.



A few tips for planning a trip to New Belgium Brewery: the tour is free, but you’ll have to reserve a spot several weeks in advance. The weekend tours especially book out four to six weeks in advance. Another option is to just show up and take your chances waiting for a tour with no-shows. We just barely made it (thank you, Denver traffic) but fortunately, they let us run to catch up with our tour. Do what I say, not what I do: show up on time!



I’d highly recommend planning some activities in Fort Collins for after your tour as well, because those cats at New Belgium are generous with their samples, yo. It’s awesome, but driving immediately after is not recommended, especially if you have a small frame/low tolerance like moi. We just walked downtown from the brewery and grabbed dinner: perfect solution if you ask me (yup, life is rough post-brewery tour – forcing you to hang out in Fort Collins!).



Dress // Madewell *affiliate link

My last tip involves pants. Yup, there’s a slide at the end of this tour. And this favorite dress of mine did not offer much protection (of any kind). Ended up with slide-burn on my elbows and knees, but you just can’t say no to a slide, am I right?

The New Belgium Brewery tour gets rave reviews + it’s easy to see why. They are fun, informative, generous + of course, make delicious beer! (And can I talk about the slide again?) So, consider this your official permission to play a little hooky this summer + enjoy this season of seasons.

I promise, it’s worth it.


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