A Postcard from Seattle


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Mark down 2015 as the year I finally got a chance to fall in love with the Pacific Northwest. I spent a July weekend in Portland for an incredible conference, but I thought that first I’d throw back to my first visit to this region back in May: Seattle. It was really great to get together with my family + finally get to know the city where one of my sisters has been living (and no, she didn’t just recently move there. She’s been there forever + I’m the worst!).

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Coincidentally, this particular weekend’s weather was way nicer than what was happening back in Denver. We were having Seattle-like rain back home, and while I was in Seattle, it hardly rained at all. Riddle me that! In any case, if Seattle wanted to win me over, it certainly put on a great show for my family + I.

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We took a ferry to Bremerton, consumed copious amounts of fish + chips, explored sculpture gardens + farmer’s markets, drank cocktails, perused the cutest bookstore, and ate some of the best. food. ever.

Some of our favorites: Ballard Farmer’s Market / Portage Bay Cafe / Theo Chocolate Tours / Local 360 / Wild Ginger / Elliot Bay Book Company

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I’m planning another visit for this coming spring + I already can’t wait to go back. Let me know if there’s anything I missed that I need to check out on my next visit!

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