Everyday Adventure // Blossoms of Light



Merry Christmas week, everyone! I have been in all sorts of Christmas spirit + I attribute it partially to all the fun holiday adventures I’ve been able to have this year. I spent the weekend up in the mountains decorating Christmas cookies while watching the snow fall, decorated my very first real Christmas tree (and also the first I’ve ever had in my own place), and of course, got my fair share of Christmas lights in at the Denver Botanic Gardens.



The botanic gardens here in Denver get all decked out for the holidays between Thanksgiving + New Years with their annual Blossoms of Light. I was ready to get my Christmas on pretty much immediately after Thanksgiving (yes, I’m one of those that holds out to celebrate – but as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is over, it’s GAME ON), so my boyfriend + I kicked things off with a visit here in late November.



The pictures honestly don’t do it justice. There was a light snowfall that night as we walked around, which made for a magical atmosphere to enjoy our evening walk through the gardens. I ended up collecting quite a bit of snow by the end of the night!


It’s hard to believe that in just a handful of days, I’ll be on my way to Chicago to celebrate with my family! This season has just flown by – it happens the same way every year + still shocks me every time. Keep an eye out for the 2015 Christmas video from Evergreen Lane later this week, but until then, you can watch last year’s video here for some holiday cheer.

What are some things you do in your city to get in the Christmas spirit?