AdventureWear // Spring Day in Norway

After my recent Daydreamer post all about Norway, I’ve been wandering there more and more often in my mind – it’s perhaps not the most “spring” of destinations, but we’ve had a boatload of snow in Colorado lately and it just won’t stop.  Norway seems like the perfect place to wander off to, if I must be covered in snow on the first day of May.

{ stamps / sweater / top / jeans / booties }

I thought it would be fun to add a more regular fashion feature here on this travel-life-inspired blog of mine – since Fresh Friday seems to have taken a bit of an absence lately.  And if you’re going to incorporate travel into everyday adventures, why not let it help you pick what to wear?

On that note, here’s a springtime snow day outfit inspired by some vintage Norwegian stamps.

So – what do you all think of AdventureWear? Want to see more? Or have a request for some destination-inspired duds? Let me know!

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