Beautiful World // Waialea

I’m thinking this little lady needs to plan another beach vacation pretty soon.  These past couple days of sunny weather (even though there is snow, SNOW! being forecast for tomorrow) have had me dreaming of reading on the sand and listening to the waves roll in.

Out of all the beaches I visited while we were in Hawaii (we were on the Big Island), I think this was probably my favorite.  I loved the lava arches and the shady spots and the fact that it wasn’t as crazy crowded as some of our other discoveries.  I may also have loved it because we spent our last day here and it was just about as perfect as you could imagine it being.

It wasn’t one of Cory’s favorites, as he’d rather spend all day snorkeling and this beach didn’t have much interesting going on under the surface.  He did, however, swim out to a big sea arch and caught a few pretty schools of fish.

Word to the wise: don’t forget the tops of your feet when you’re applying sunscreen.  I made it through our entire trip, miraculously, without any serious sunburn until that last day, when I missed the tops of my feet.  That oversight made for a very uncomfortable return trip that evening. One of those things I will never forget again because of that memory!

What are your favorite beaches? Any I should know about while I’m planning my (most likely imaginary) next vacation?

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