Beautiful World // Anaeho’omalu Bay

My friends are on their honeymoon this week, and it’s making me reminisce about our little beach getaway – actually, I’m thinking a repeat might be in order!

Anaeho’omalu Bay, or A’ Bay as it’s called for short, was a few minutes from where we stayed, and we often came here to watch the sun set.  They rope off the parking lot at sunset, so it was always a little bit of a race against the security guy to make it back up to our car.  Good thing Hawaiians are laid back about things like when exactly the parking lot should be closed.

This beach has actually changed pretty dramatically in the recent years – originally the Hawaiian kings had created an inland pool behind the beach which they used as an aquarium of sorts, where they would keep tropical salt-water fish. Is that not so cool? It amazes me the innovations that people come up with.

Unfortunately, when Japan had those big earthquakes in April 2011, huge waves made it all the way to the Big Island and broke the beach/dam.  We were initially quite confused by our guide books and why there seemed to be such a discrepancy in the map, but that explains it! Now instead of walking straight across the beach, you have to detour around the old fish ponds.  In the photo below, we’re standing behind the fish ponds, and you can see what’s left of the beach dam, and the ocean in the distance.

There’s nothing quite like the sound of the ocean and the way the sun sets over the water!  We’re hoping to make it to the water this summer, but if not, I think the mountains will still keep us pretty busy here in Colorado.

Where is your favorite place to watch the sun set?

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