Moments of Pretty

This last week was a total whirl-wind (and to look at my apartment right now, you’d definitely be able to tell). And yet despite all the stress & constant going, it was full of a lot of pretty moments.

1. Proof that I snack like a two-year old.

2. Finally seeing a flowering tree here in the Springs; I had thought this crazy weather had killed them all.

3. Throwing a bachelorette party extravaganza for my lovely bestie & being totally in love with how the flower arrangements turned out (it’s the little things).

4. Working on the next edition of AdventureWear and looking through my old stamp collection.

5. Some Velvet Elvis pancakes at Snooze, one of the tastiest breakfast spots in Denver.

6. And finally, getting to stand as maid of honor in this amazing couple’s wedding – what a beautiful & precious day!

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, now that a few huge projects are off my back – now I’m ready to enjoy the summer and begin the hunt for our new apartment! Bring it on, sunshine!

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