Beautiful World // Iguana Island

This is a continuation of our trip to Turks and Caicos : Part One / Part Two

During our vacation, our group took a boating trip out to a few snorkel spots and visited this island, where a unique species of iguana lives in a protected habitat.  Apparently they’re smaller than normal iguanas and also keen on bell peppers (who knew?)

We walked from one side of the island to the other (it’s tiny), wading in both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.  This is also where we had a few typical island treats – rum punch and conch salad, which they made fresh from raw conch meat.  It was a little strange for my liking (like a giant snail) but it was fun to try!

We’re not usually the guided tour/excursion type, but this one was definitely worth it (arranged through our hotel) and I’m glad we splurged a little!

I mean, it’s hard to have complaints when you’re on a boat in this perfect water with as much rum punch as you can handle.  We even got to take home a now-vacant conch shell.  Pretty fun!

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