Moments of Pretty

Soaking up the most of the last bit of summer!  Fall feels so close, and yet so far.  It’s my favorite season, but despite that, I’m always a bit sad to see summer’s long, lazy days come to an end.

1. Road trip food and old-fashioned road signs.  They are a perfect match.

2. Summer breakfasts should definitely include strawberries!

3. I am unable to resist Target. These polka-dot shoes definitely happened (chalk it up to fall preparedness).

4. You’ve seen this trail already, but I couldn’t resist one more snapshot from my favorite run this week.

5. Another photo taken while running, this time the Jack Quinn’s 5K!

6. I am moderately obsessed with these – you get the soda fizz without the soda tummy ache (Am I the only one who gets those?).

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