Birthday Sparkles

Thank you for all your input on this post – I love adding new items to my closet, and dreaming of ways I can wear them (a key to versatility in my opinion, you have to be able to see it working with SEVERAL things you already own!).  And the crowd definitely spoke on this one:


So, I did – and it was perfect for date night dinner with Cory; we went to My Big Fat Greek Restaurant for the first time and it was delicious.  We’ll definitely be going back, but probably for special occasions, since it was a little more than we usually spend on your average date (but this was no average date! yeeaaaah!)

I couldn’t find my red headband (perhaps kitten stashed it away?) so I went with red lips instead! You’ll have to trust me, as we only took two photos: one had horrible lighting, and in the other, I was acting as queen of the bizarre facial expressions.  So here we have better light sans awkward face (and head – is that more awkward?).  Seriously, this is why I do landscape photography!

Skirt: Asos // Dress (worn as top): Target // Shoes: Zara