Everyday Adventure // Aspen Drive to Breckenridge

This is the first of a few leaf-gazing drives we took over the course of the fall here in Colorado.  We started in Colorado Springs and headed into the mountains on 24, then turned up 9 through Hoosier Pass to Breckenridge.  There were a few wanderings off course as we scoped the best groves of trees to explore, but that’s the general route – scenic at any time of year, but we really hit this one at it’s peak.

If you’ve never hiked through an aspen grove, this is something that needs to go on your bucket list.  There is no sound quite like it, with the leaves crunching under your feet and the wind through the leaves like ocean waves sweeping the shore.  And when the leaves rustle and fall, they’re like gold dust fluttering to the ground.

Oh, fall.  You’re a stunner.

Finally arriving in Breckenridge, we stumbled upon an Oktoberfest celebration (win) and so we enjoyed some great food and beer and fall sunshine by the river walk until evening.

I think one of the most fun parts of living in Colorado is these mini-road trips, scenic drives and towns that you can spontaneously pop in and out of, discovering new things and even the landscapes you’ve seen before take on a whole new dimension with the changing seasons.

Even though I’m sometimes homesick for the many great places I’ve rested my head over the years, there is definitely much to be thankful for in the here and now.

And there’s much more to come!

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