Everyday Adventure // Camping at Cottonwood Pass


The best kind of camping trip is the kind where you go driving down random ATV trails to find dispersed sites + have to take photos at every intersection to remind yourself how to get back to the road.

Camping trips exactly like this one near Cottonwood Pass.

Continental Divide15_Needles

Cottonwood Pass15_Needles

The first spot we found was already being occupied by a mama moose + her baby so we had to wander down a few more trails before we found the perfect campsite, complete with a great view + good tree cover.

Cottonwood Moose15_Needles

Cottonwood Camping15_Needles

And yes, we literally took photos at every intersection so that we could locate the campsite again when we drove into Crested Butte for the day. Thankfully this method was successful + we were able to return to our tent without incident.

Crested Butte15_Needles

Personally, I think the point of any proper camping trip is not to pack it full of a bunch of activities, but rather to spend time reading, sitting in front of the fire, playing board games + of course, responsibly partaking in some adult beverages. Oh, we can’t forget about eating too many s’mores! Which is exactly how this went down.

Crested Butte Swing15_Needles

Cottonwood Panorama15_Needles

There is something wonderfully relaxing about spending time just lazing around outside during those long evenings in the summertime. So, I’m over here thanking God that the days are getting longer again at last, which means we’re one day closer to camping season again.

  • AmberApril 12, 2016 - 9:02 pm

    This looks exactly like a place my husband and I would like to go! Thanks for the post. We will have to check it out.ReplyCancel

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