Everyday Adventure // Hiking the Ken Caryl Trails


We’re in early spring now, the last lingering part of this cold, snowy season where it’s just warm enough to be outside again but the threat of another snowstorm still hangs in the air, threatening you. And it’s about this time that I start dreaming of – no, pining for – warmer weather again. Those perfect summer days that go a little like this:

Ken Caryl Hike Collage 1_Needles

Find some awesome friends to spend time with – they make any day, but especially perfect summer days, better.

Ken Caryl Stream_NeedlesFind a hiking trail with a stream alongside it, + maybe a group of deer to accompany you as well, because you’re feeling particularly like Snow White today.

Ken Caryl Deer_Needles

Try to sing at the deer + have them run away in protest because they don’t want to have to do your chores for you any more than your mother did when you were a kid.

Ken Caryl Hike Collage 2_Needles

After you return from said beautiful hike, find a soft-serve vanilla ice cream cone + a sunny spot to put your feet up.

Ice Cream Summer15_Needles

Perfect summer day, achieved.

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