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Independance Pass Title_Mintz

Independance Pass_Mintz

Colorado is full of scenic drives, and this is no exception. Cory + I were on our way to Aspen, and had to drive over Independence Pass. It was July, which coincidentally is a perfect time to see wildflowers at high elevations. Things I love include, but are not limited to, a good field of wildflowers.

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We were just passing through, but had to stop several times on our way up, and at the top, to take in the view. As if it really needs stating when you’re at 12,000 feet, it was windy + COLD. Amazing what a few thousand feet of elevation gain will do, right? And of course, there’s nothing like a sky full of rainclouds to add to the ambiance + chill factor. I love that in Colorado, the way TO somewhere beautiful is beautiful – the journey, not just the destination, is full of wonder + prettiness. I could drive through this state for ever + always.

Independance Pass Lake_Mintz

Oh, Colorado! You just continue to outdo yourself.  Can’t wait for another summer of adventures with you.

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