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Hi guys! I’m in Paris at the moment but we’re talking Colorado + mountains + springtime today here on the blog. Last week, we had the most beautiful summer-like Sunday so I just had to get a little hiking in. The weather was so ridiculously perfect, it was hard to believe that we had snow two days prior (and would have snow again two days later).

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Palmer Park Panorama_Mintz

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I hopped down to my old stomping grounds in the Springs for the weekend (actually, I shouldn’t say I hopped…my angel of a friend came + kidnapped me) so we chose a hiking spot I actually never had a chance to visit when I lived in town. Colorado has an affinity for awesome parks + this one is no exception. Palmer Park is nestled right in the middle of town, but you can almost pretend you’re out in the middle of nowhere. Everything just kind of disappears, until you hike to a high point and remember there are roads + houses + people out there.

Palmer Park Hiking with Puppy_Mintz

Palmer Park Hiking with Puppy 2_Mintz

I am so thankful for friendship today. Friends who will go grocery shopping with you + make pancakes with you + hike with you on those perfect Sundays. Friends who change their plans to be there for you when things get crazy. Friends who see you cry + make you laugh. I truly have the most amazing + invaluable friends. Life is so much better when you have a community around you!

Palmer Park Pikes Peak_Mintz

I’ve been learning a lot about taking things for granted, how I don’t often (or as often as I should) stop and appreciate the fact that I live in one of the most beautiful places. I had to live here for years before I really enjoyed it + now I can’t imagine how I didn’t love it at first sight! And there are friends or loved ones that we don’t remind often enough how incredible they are + how our lives would be a whole lot emptier without them in it. I know it can come off as cliché because we hear it so much that we almost become deaf to it – but today is as good as any to appreciate the beauty we have around us, wherever we are + whoever we’re with.

So if by chance you’re presented with the perfect springtime Sunday sometime soon (this coupon is good for all days of the week though, just to be clear), you should probably play hooky + run off somewhere beautiful with someone beautiful, because it is pretty awesome to be alive.

  • Bespoke TravelerMarch 19, 2014 - 12:15 pm

    Colorado is an amazing place to go hiking! Will have to add Palmer Park to the list of wonderful hiking spots to try out.ReplyCancel

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