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Target top (similar) / American Eagle belt (similar) / Shorts cut from some old Silver jeans (similar) /

Pearl necklace, gift (similar) / Ray Ban sunglasses

Excuse me while we do a little throwback to the summertime…I found these photos from our trip to Chicago in August and it was such a lovely memory of an afternoon that I couldn’t let these photos collect dust until next summer! We’ll just declare it a little indian summer since I’m so behind. You can totally just declare indian summers into existence, can’t you? Even in October?

In any case, these were taken at one of my favorite spots in the city, near Lincoln Park Zoo. The day we took these photos it was actually pretty cold for August and I was wearing a sweater all day, but for this little sliver of time the sun came out in perfect fashion and warmed everything right up. I love the view of the skyline from this spot, the fact that the zoo is free (!!!), and that there’s a perfect bridge to sit on and soak it all in for a minute or two or sixty.  Cory and I contemplated stealing a cavalier puppy (sorry, sweet cavalier owner, it’s nothing personal – you just have the cutest dog) while sitting on said perfect bridge. It’s a good place to talk about life – even the overwhelming stuff (or the questionable-ethics puppy-stealing stuff). That’s probably why I love the city so much: you never get the sense that you’re alone, there are bunches and bunches of other people all figuring out life around you too and that fills the air with a lot of energy and potential.  Of course, some might argue that’s just the constant traffic buzz, but I like the other idea better. Out of all the places I’ve been in the world, this one is at the very top of the list. Sweet home Chicago, indeed.

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