Happiness + Dignity


It’s funny how sometimes we’re so caught up in our own insecurities that we lost the perspective of how fortunate and blessed we really are. I know that’s true of myself. I am awash in opportunities and options, and yet I sometimes think (falsely) that nothing is going my way. But earlier this week, I was reminded by my great friend Trina of a great cause – to provide women with opportunities and options and, most importantly, dignity and self-worth. It’s called fashionABLE and they work with women of Ethiopia to create beautiful scarves and leather goods – providing them with the same awesome feelings that I’ve experienced over the past few months of doing something I’m proud of with my life and creating sustainable business for them. I love this video:

Beautiful, right? I am totally inspired by companies that make a difference while making beautiful things. It inspires me to think bigger about my life and my opportunities and the positive changes I could create in the lives of those around me – or even on the other side of the world. There are many days I find myself staring at the closet, wondering what to put on – but I must admit that things like dignity and honor and respect are often taken for granted – they don’t even cross my mind. So many women in the world dream of opportunities that will clothe them with honor and self-respect – and fashionABLE opens a door for them. Companies like fashionABLE remind me not to take things for granted, and to be thankful for every good thing.

This week, fashionABLE is celebrating their 3rd birthday, and in honor of that milestone, they’re giving 30% off for 3 days! I am a scarf person – they are my favorite part of cooler weather, and I love these brightly colored beauties. The sale goes through Friday, so head on over and check it out – maybe do some early Christmas shopping or buy yourself a little gift (I think another scarf is making its way into my collection).

This is not a sponsored post, I just love this beautiful cause. And scarves.