Everyday Adventure // Mt. Bierstadt Summit Hike

Admittedly, this is not how I was expecting to spend my 4th of July.  But, since the husband earned his Independence Day much more than I did, he got dibs on choosing what we’d do on our day off.  And this was it.

I must say, he did an excellent job picking the perfect hike for a first timer.  It was pretty steep at parts, and you did have to navigate some boulders towards the end, but it was stunningly gorgeous and only about seven miles round trip.  It took us about 2.5 hours to get to the top and just under 2 to get down (only because by that point I was able to focus on how pretty it was and stopped to take about six million photos.)  I’m a slow poke – but the trail was packed and there were all sorts of people on the trail.  Notably, a chihuahua and a few seven year olds that provided extra motivation.  {If they can do it, dangit, so can I!}

I’m blessed with the best cheerleader ever, and I’m so glad he pushed me to finish – another Colorado merit badge checked off!  We even got snowed on at the summit which was a fun thing to happen on July 4th.  And, like I said earlier, this trail was completely gorgeous.  You hike through a marshy valley (boardwalks included), scramble across a little stream, and then up, up, up.

It only snowed/rained on us for a little bit, but it was fun being up in the clouds and watching the storms roll in.  Luckily, no lightening!  That would have been a different sort of adventure.  We also happen to hit pretty close to peak wildflower season in the alpine regions (seriously, I have the best luck! remember these beauties?) so be expecting a flower-devoted post within the next week or so.

Can’t wait to share more photos and details from this amazing hike with you – look out for a color photo post, more trail tips, as well as the wildflowers I promised!

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