Everyday Adventure // Red Rock Open Space

This past weekend, Cory’s sister was in town.  We were blessed with some great weather (50s and sunny? yes, please!) so we headed out for a hike.


Red Rock Open Space is one of my favorite places to hike near Colorado Springs, because there are so many trails that you could wander around in there for hours and not cover the same ground – or take a slightly different route every time.  It’s not easy to get lost either, because generally uphill means South and downhill means North (and back to the parking lots).  That set-up is great for trail running too.


It’s funny how we have these awesome places sitting right in our backyard, and yet sometimes it takes a visit from an out-of-town guest to get us to enjoy them.  We can grow accustomed or numb to the great things about where we live, just because they’re always there!  It’ll be there tomorrow, right?

I thought it would be fun to add a little “top tip” feature to my Everyday Adventure posts.  I know not all of you readers (in fact, probably not many of you) actually live in Colorado and could head out running in Red Rocks, but the top tip is a way that you can take the spirit of an Everyday Adventurer and apply it to all the awesomeness that IS right around the corner from where you live.  So, today’s tip?


Don’t let the “it’ll always be there” attitude keep you from getting out an exploring!  Take some new eyes (maybe bring a friend who’s never gone with you before, or maybe just choose to see things with a different perspective) and enjoy some of your old favorites all over again!

So what do you think of the Top Tip?  Should I include this feature more often?  Let me know in the comments!