Fresh Friday

Red, white & blue – a color combo that, like red and green, is associated forever in my head with a particular season.  Here are two ways I wore the classic American summer colors this week:

I’ll admit, we didn’t see any fireworks this year due to all the (completely reasonable) fire bans in Colorado – but we did grill and sit outside ’til late into the night.  I actually went most of the day without the sweater (it was HOT in Denver) but I’m always one that needs layers when the air gets the slightest (relative) chill.

My love for colored denim made a work look easy for me this week – I know jeans don’t work in all office environments but mine is pretty casual.  Plus I like to think the gold accessories take it up a notch.

I’ll admit it was a little crazy having a holiday in the middle of the week, but it’s always a welcome pleasure.  Hope you all had a great day indulging in some Americana with friends & family! Also – HAPPY FRIDAY!!

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