Moments of Pretty

This week went by so fast!  Personally, I think we should have every Wednesday off, it makes for a really happy work week.

1. Summertime tradition of taking a few laps outside during my lunch break, and I met this little lady! Snow White status.

2. Went to a Cloud Carrier show last weekend and it made my day.  Those two are super-talent.

3. Bought this because the wrapper is awesome. Turns out, the chocolate is awesome too.

4. Epitome of summertime meals : grilled chicken fajitas on the porch in the afternoon.

5. He is so tan, I am so not.

6. Finally, it is raining in Colorado Springs! Also, rainbows are one of my favorite things.

7. We hiked Mt. Bierdstat on Wednesday – another Colorado merit badge earned! More photos to come, of course.

8. That happy moment when you discover the perfect Sunday outfit.  Seriously happy about this.

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