Inspire Me // Photo Walks

Well, yes, I’ve already talked about my great need for walks in my creative life.  But today I’m talking about a different kind of walk, one where your camera is more important than your company.

These are some of my favorite photos that have resulted from just walking with my camera and attempting to see things through the lens instead of my own eyes.

You notice different things when you’re being intentional.

I walk a lot slower when I’m with my camera, and look places I wouldn’t normally look if I was just on a leisurely stroll.  And I’ve discovered some cool things – like these ice patterns, I can’t explain to you why I love them so much but it’s probably one of my favorite photographs.

This particular path I’ve walked and run probably dozens of times – yet when I really looked at where I was going, instead of taking steps by memory or habit, it was almost a completely new path.

(Aside: isn’t it great how plane trails in clear skies look like shooting stars? Favorite.)

If you’re feeling a little burnt out from your routine, I’d suggest looking at your surroundings with fresh eyes and a new intention.  If you’re a painter, look for color; if you’re a sculptor, look for shape and texture.  Even if you aren’t a photographer, there’s a lot worth learning when you look through a pair of eyes that isn’t your own.

Never stop exploring!