Moments of Pretty


I am pretty bad at resting.  In fact, even my time off is filled with side projects, to-do lists, organizing the house, random errands – very little empty space.  Recently, through a sad turn of events (the passing of my grandpa – thankful that I was home with my family when it happened), I was given a whole week of paid time off of work.  My productive side really wanted to kick in, because how often are you just going to be GIVEN a week off of work? I mean, think of everything I could accomplish.  Is that horrible?  You see, I am horrible at resting, and in this case, slowing down enough to be sad about something.  Easier to keep moving.

But I did my best to put those feelings to rest (literally) and decided that the only things I would plan into my day were things that would be productive for my mental health.  I did a ton of writing at coffee shops, because that helps me sort things out.  I ran almost every day, for much the same reason.  I made time to sit at the piano and create beautiful sounds that would make my heart happy.  And most of the remaining time, I spent outside.  Walking mostly, sometimes talking to my husband who is the best kind of companion.

And at the end of it all, I felt human again.

So, I guess that is what rest is about.

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