Moments of Pretty

I just got back from a speedy trip over the weekend to surprise my sister for her graduation, she now has her Master’s degree!  While I am SO proud (she starts her PhD program in a few weeks!) and SO thankful I got to make the trip out there, today I am le tired.  To say the least.  So allow me to catch up with a few pretty moments, and regular programming will resume tomorrow!

1. We recently had an artist night at my church, which was one of the most fun things I’ve done in a while – we just got to play music and watch people paint! I have some creative friends.

2. Rocking my pin from the Eat Drink Create event one of these recent summer days.

3. A little snapshot of the tasties from Erin’s recent bloggy event – salted caramel and lemon.  So so good.

4. Many reasons I love working for myself – which include but are not limited to coffee shop editing sessions.

5. Last Tuesday another fire started in Colorado Springs (it is 65% contained now, and took more homes even than last year’s fire), and it was ominous to watch it grow over our volleyball game.

6. Rain, which is what we needed a LOT of, finally trickled in over the weekend…but if someone’s passing out rainstorms, we’ll take them!

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