Beautiful World // Starry Skies

One of my favorite things about camping is seeing starry skies free of city lights.  When we were camping a few weekends ago at Eleven Mile Canyon, my friend and I decided to test out the long exposure skills of my camera and take some star pictures.  I had never tried capturing starry skies before, so it was a fun project and I’m fairly pleased with how they turned out.

The photo above, believe it or not, is of the moonrise. This was a little more tricky to capture than we were anticipating (and much harder than stars to find the right exposure) so if anyone has any moon photography tips, I’d love to hear them!

Now I’m actually looking forward to learning a little more about night photography, and experimenting on future camping trips this summer.

Is there anything you’ve set out to learn more about this summer?

All images by Annabelle Mintz

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