Moments of Pretty

This is pretty much a perfect summary of what I think about all the time.  Flowering trees, sugar, and music (not always in that order).

1. You guessed it, took this photo on a run.  You just can’t pass these beauties up!

2. Spruced up/cleaned up the apartment – this is one of my favorite pretty corners.

3. Burnt dinner, so I had a coconut milk ice cream bar instead.  Naturally.

4. These guys make me so happy! Rockin’ some great music at Pulse.

5. Quality time with my favorite inanimate object, Donatello.

6. A family tradition: pancakes with homemade whipped cream. And bacon – don’t forget bacon!

7. Two words: happy hour.

8. Seriously, I cannot stand how perfect the last couple days have been – the best puffy clouds, the most perfect sun.

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  • HMay 7, 2012 - 10:05 am

    These pics make me smile and I love your idea of “happy hour”… Cheers 🙂ReplyCancel