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I always love to discover new places and hear about people’s favorite adventures – and I thought it would be fun to share those discoveries with you! So each month, I’ll feature a different blogging friend of mine they’ll share with us their two favorites, near + far.


Today on near + far, I’m so happy to be hosting one of my very favorites, both in real life and in the blogging world, Trina from La La Lovely. I knew + loved this girl and her beautiful family way before blogging actually – and fun fact, her husband was the officiant for our wedding. Trina was one of the major inspirations behind me starting my own blog – I love the way she takes simple or everyday things and turns them into something beautiful with her thoughtful commentary and serene images, even in the midst of mess. Isn’t that what we all strive for? Beauty in the midst of life’s crazy? I could go on and on about this one, so I’ll just let Trina take over and share with us her favorites, near + far:

What is your favorite haunt close to home? 

Downtown Chicago

While this might seem general, I’m just always happy when I can spend time downtown Chicago.  I don’t live very close to the city but I am close enough to make a day of it.  And, when I can, I love nothing more than to spend time in the city.  Walking, shopping,  observing, going to museums, exploring and, of course, eating.  I’ve been to many cities and still find Chicago to be my favorite!

What is your favorite far-away find?

The South Downs – Worthing, England

I love England.  I loved it before I ever traveled there.  My very first visit I stayed in a town called Worthing and this last trip I took, this past spring, I stayed with a dear friend in Worthing, again, and we visited the South Downs.  It’s a range of chalk hills that stretch through several coastal counties in the Southeast of England.  Rolling hills, lush greens and stunning views of the sea in the distance was pretty breathtaking.  I can imagine spending more time there exploring and just taking in all of the natural beauty and history.

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Photo 1 (Chicago) © Annabelle Mintz, Photo 2 (South Downs) © Trina McNeilly. Graphic by Annabelle Mintz.

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