Remix Challenge // Winter Edition Recap

Fashion + creativity. Can’t get any better in my book, so I feel like sharing this 30×30 Remix Challenge applies – it really was a masked creativity exercise of sorts.

The rules to this challenge are simple: thirty items from your closet (including shoes!) for thirty days – no repeating outfits, and no shopping!  I have watched several other bloggers go through the 30×30, first started by the lovely Kendi and decided it was time for me to have a go.

So here are three key lessons I learned on this 30 day challenge:

The first lesson I learned from this challenge was one of THANKFULNESS.  I think we are, as creative people, always trying to figure out who we are or what our “style” is and we’re always comparing ourselves to others – at least, this is what I’m always doing! And it’s not a good habit to be in.  When we are thankful for what we DO have (whether that’s in our closet, or in our creative skill set) it’s easier to use those things in a way that creates a beautiful outcome.  And sometimes just TRYING something is a good place to start.  Because we can surprise ourselves with how beautiful what’s in our own hands really is.

The second major lesson I learned throughout this challenge is that sometimes LESS IS MORE.  It amazed me how easy it was to look at my closet and come up with a combination I never would have thought of when my scope was focused on only 30 items.  Think of all the beauty Pablo Picasso created with some simple blue paint.  Talk about doing a lot with a little!  Many times, we have right in front of us everything we need to “be creative” – but we find ourselves overwhelmed with SO many options that we end up doing the same old thing that we’ve always done, because we’re comfortable with how it works for us.  You know, like how we may have fifty cookbooks on the shelf but we only cook the same five recipes – because they’re easy.

Creativity isn’t always easy but it definitely doesn’t have to be complicated!

The third lesson I learned during the challenge is to BE OK WITH MAKING MISTAKES every once in a while.  When I look back on my challenge photos, there are definitely some moments of “what was I thinking?!”  But I’m also glad that the challenge forced me to get outside the box because I did find several new things that DID work for me.  Sometimes I get paralyzed by the fear of making a mistake, or doing something “wrong,” especially when it comes to any kind of creative expression.  What if I create something bad?  But fear can keep us from ever doing anything – and sometimes we just have to jump out there and give something a try.  Not worrying about being perfect.


I realized in this endeavor how much good a little challenge can do.  It gives you direction, focus and a goal – and even though it doesn’t always feel great, getting to the finish line is an awesome feeling, indeed.  This was just what I needed to get myself out of the rut I was in, and I realized that I was capable of a lot more creativity than I thought.  Plus, I learned all these great lessons! Ha.

So, if you find yourself in a creative rut, consider challenging yourself to switch it up – find someone to hold you accountable (me, if you like!), and get going! You’ll probably surprise yourself.

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