Everyday Adventure // Aspen Ridge Wildflower Hike

AspenRidge2015_Needles_titleThe mountains are covered with snow now, nestled under their heavy white blankets for the season. But there was a time, a brief moment when the mountains were draped with blankets of all sorts of other colors.



The magic usually happens in June or July. The days are getting longer, the sun warms the earth just enough + BAM! All of a sudden there are wildflowers everywhere. They don’t last nearly as long as I wish they would, but they are stunning in their momentary blaze of glory.


I’ll admit that I had a proper Sound of Music moment on this day back in early summer hiking along the road to Aspen Ridge from Elk Mountain Ranch. You just can’t help but belting out a little “The hills are alive” when you’re walking through a field of flowers in the mountains. In fact, on this hike, I actually filmed the video I posted for 4th of July. I may have startled some mountain bikers, but no matter. Fraulein Maria certainly wouldn’t have let a herd of bikers get her down.




This summer heart needed some summer photos, so please indulge the throwback!

If you’re in Colorado right now, I hope you are staying cozy + warm during this crazy blizzard.

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