Everyday Adventure // Farmer’s Market

This is one of my favorite perks of summertime (and it extends some stretch into autumn) – the weekly farmer’s markets.  And this year I was able to get my hands on several huge bunches of basil (swoon) so my freezer is now stocked with a good portion of pesto.  Glory.

When appreciating the beauty of simple things, there are few that are simpler and lovelier than a fruit or veggie fresh from the market.  The colors and patterns and textures and tastes and smells are definitely an inspiration to the senses.  We ate our fill of peaches this summer, that’s for sure (and never altered a single one – I had all these recipes flagged, but when the peaches are SO good, why sacrifice even one to a recipe?).  And what is simpler than just a peach?

My Monday is feeling particularly out of sorts today, so I’ve found myself lingering mentally on some of the simplicities of summer (the unfussiest season) and wishing life to forever be uncomplicated.  But nonetheless, fall is creeping out from behind the warm weather.

Are those apples and pears I spy? Already?!

I know you must by now think I am crazy for heralding the splendor of fall and desiring its arrival most readily, while now wanting to linger a little bit longer in the spell of a lazy summer afternoon.  I suppose all that’s to be said is that staying in the moment is one of the hardest exercises of all.

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