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If you’ve been around here for a few minutes, you know this blog is all about the adventure.  Making every moment a little bit more pretty and living life as fully and as beautifully as possible.  For me, travel is what it’s all about – finding new places, tasting new foods, hiking a new mountain trail.  This most recent adventure of mine to Arizona, which included a bit of an unplanned blog break, had me thinking a lot about this blog and where I want it to go.  I have some BIG ideas, folks, and I really am so glad you are along for the ride.

Travel, it’s good for you.

It’s about connection, and inspiration, and education.  So my plan is to write a bit more on the HOW and the WHY of travel, not just the WHAT.  And also – because I think one of the main purposes of a little adventure and change of scenery is all the inspiration that it can bring (and I know this is definitely true in my experience – it’s why I’m totally addicted) so I’m going to challenge myself to share with you more of the creative outcomes of those inspired adventures.  That means more videos, more music, more original artwork.  I’m tremendously exited about it all, and also pretty nervous.  Because really, what good is someone who talks a lot about creating but never really CREATES anything, right?  But I know sharing it with you here will help me to be more accountable with my dreams.

So a lot of things will stay the same around here – Moments of Pretty and Everyday Adventures and Beautiful Worlds will all still be right here where you’ve known them to be.  But in 2013, this blog is going to the next level and I really hope that you’ll enjoy the new direction!  Some fabulous projects are in the works and I’ll be sharing as soon as I can!

Anyone else have some big (scary) dreams for this year?  How about any adventures?  Share in the comments, I’d love to hear about them!

  • S. RochelleJanuary 8, 2013 - 8:06 pm

    A big, scary, and unrealistic dream for the year is to be able to travel for a few months of this year, to some cool places in Asia. I’d also love to get published!ReplyCancel

    • Annabelle MintzJanuary 9, 2013 - 11:11 am

      Ah travel is a big dream for me too – hopefully this year to Europe! And I would definitely publish you if I were one that published – haha 🙂 rooting for you!ReplyCancel

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