These Days //


Seems like things get this way every year at the beginning of December, a lot of reflection on years past and years to come.  If you ask me, I tend to be far to contemplative, always with my head in the clouds, so to speak.  I was the one who could sit in a chair and daydream for hours.  Or a tree, or a car – really I wasn’t picky when the opportunity presented itself.  Of course, that was all while I was awake.

These days, it seems I can’t sleep for dreaming.

All that daily reflecting has bled into the nighttime and I find myself tossing and turning, filled with imaginations for the future.  This year has had more than its share of challenges, but I am filled with hope and excitement for 2013.  Dreaming again feels good!

So this month, expect to see some reflections on my intentions for 2012 (Simplicity, Creativity, and Bravery) and also, I’ll be setting some shiny new intentions for 2013.

If, like me, you get to dreaming this time of year, here are a few resources that I think are swell:

This girl wrote a happy manifesto, and I think I’ll be joining her shortly!

Love this artist/author’s perspective – constantly finding inspiration from what she’s doing.

Or perhaps a manifesto’s not your style?  How about a letter to your future self?

Happy Dreaming!